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with Miniature horses

Miniature horses are a great way for your child to gain confidence with horses, and learn horse handling skills with horses which are small and not intimidating.

• Do an obstacle course with a miniature horse.
• Ride in a 4 wheeled cart pulled by a miniature horse.
• Learn to groom a horse
• A fun treasure hunt.
• Receive a certificate of participation.

Why not get a group of 3 or 4 friends together and find out all the fun things you can do with miniature horses! YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!! Children who have never even lead a horse before are totally confident by the end of their course. Photos attached of our past fun days.

Wednesday 20th April - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Wednesday 20th April - 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Friday 22nd April 9.30am - 12.30pm
Friday 22nd April 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Other days maybe available depending on numbers.
Cost: One session i.e. morning or afternoon $50
Whole day - i.e. morning & afternoon $80

Morning/afternoon tea provided, but if doing a whole day lunch will need to be sent with child.

www.devineridingcentre.co.nz and www.claremontstud.co.nz 
Enquiries are always welcome 021924499.

Scxhool holiday fun with miniature horses

Scxhool holiday fun with miniature horses  Scxhool holiday fun with miniature horses   Scxhool holiday fun with miniature horses

Farm Visits by arrangement for Adult Groups

Claremont Miniature Horse Stud was established in 1990 and is situated in Templeton, approximately 20 minutes drive south from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Our aim has been to breed quality, refined miniature horses with even temperaments, which are suitable for showing, riding, driving and most of all great companions

We have miniature horses in all colour's, including appaloosa, overo, palomino, pinto and solid colour's. The majority of our horses are 34 inches and under and they are all registered with the NZ Miniature Horse Association. We also have some registered with the American Miniature Horse Association, as well.

Several horses have been imported from Australia over the years, most of these in partnership with Wendy Coutts of Kotta Park Stud, Victoria.  I would like to thank Wendy who has been a great friend, for all her help and advice over the years - it has been invaluable. 

Our stud has incorporated many well know American bloodlines including , Rowdy, Bond, Happy Appy and of course the great Orion Light Van't Huttenest and Boones Little Buckeroo.  We have two mares by "Happy Appy", a "Boones Little Buckeroo" grand daughter and "Kotta Park Pocket Rocket" a "Happy Appy" grandson standing at stud, who at 28.75" would definitely be one of the tiniest AMHA stallions in the South Island.

We have several stallions standing at stud in a variety of colour's most of whom have excelled in the show ring.

Chelsea driving "Kotta Park Candy Kiss",
Multi Champion and Supreme Champion daughter of  "Happy Appy" imp USA.

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Claremont Little Van Dieman
Claremont Little Van Dieman and friends

When it comes to miniature Claremont Little Van Dieman takes the prize. Born at only 37cm tall, and five weeks premature, he had no trouble adjusting to life in a BIG world. Being so small enabled him to walk under his mum, saving him exercise, but it was not quite to good when it came to feeding as then he had to stretch to suckle from mum.

Claremont Little Van Dieman, has been named after the racehorse Van Dieman, trained by Debbie's late father Cecil Devine. Although he looks alot like his name sake don't expect him to achieve the same feats. Van Dieman won the New Zealand Trotting Cup in 1951, but it is expected that Claremont Little Van Dieman will, when he grows to maturity and reaches his expected height of 81cm, be able to be driven in harness and maybe shown.

Debbie has been breeding miniature horses for 17 years and describes Little Van Dieman as being "pretty rare". Although unsure if he is the smallest miniature horse in New Zealand, Debbie said, "It is the smallest I have ever bred."

Claremont Little Van Dieman may be small but he does not take to being bossed around by other horses.

Visitors are always welcome, whether wanting to just have a look at our animals or interested in purchasing a miniature. Please give us a call
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